Écho D’Afrique is a dance and music showcase that highlights African influences on today’s popular culture. Écho D’Afrique is a celebration – Denver’s very own Afro festival. The goal is to forge a bridge connecting the African diaspora to its roots while providing a platform for people of all origins and walks of life to come together and experience the African vibe.


Zimbabwean music by


Chihera is a Muchineripi family band from Zimbabwe with 3 generations of family members now living in Colorado. Chihera plays, arranges, and composes Zimbabwean traditional and contemporary music using mbira, marimbas, percussion, soaring vocals & keyboard.


Sounds of the Kora by


Koffi is a sensational performer who brings you authentic West African vibes with high energy. Be ready to experience an original composition on the Kora, a traditional harp-like instrument made popular by some of the most legendary African performers.


Beyond Borders by

Thomas Dance Project

Kevin Gael Thomas, native of France, International choreographer and soloist with The Colorado Ballet created a ballet depicting a group of individuals trying to leave their roots to find a better life across the sea. The tableau you will see is a celebration in an African village.

The musicians who will accompany this creative masterpiece are: composer and guitarist Gregory Walker, percussionist David Hinojosa, guitarist Rich Richerstone, drummer Christian Kosande, and the Altius String Quartet (Joshua Ulrich, Andrew Giordano, Andrew Krimm, and Zachary Reaves).


Mutuashi/Ndombolo by

Enock Kadima

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Enock Kalubi Kadima moved to the United States in 2009. Dance has always been apart of his life and celebration of his African roots. He will deliver a exhilarating performance highlighting traditional & modern Congolese dances.


Brazil meets Africa by


This performance is an expression of gratitude to Mother Africa for all its cultural influences and contributions to humanity, specially Brazil.
SamBrasil is a Brazilian group led by native Brazilian Luciana da Silva who presents authentic Brazilian culture to Colorado and beyond.

Ethiopian Dance by

Oromo Dance CO

Oromo dance is native to over 27 million people in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The dance is characterized by high energetic music filled with rhythmic neck, shoulder movement, hoping & harmonic singing.


Urban Kiz Story by

Denver Kiz Squad

The infamous Kiz Squad is at it again but this time the Urban Cops are there to deliver their unique brand of justice. This is a one of a kind performance that pulls into a story filled with drama and suspense.


Cuban Timba by

Ranses & Zohra (Z.R Dance)

Cuban Timba is a medley of popular Cuban dances such as Salsa, Rumba, Son, Chachacha ect. Timba brings you contagious energy and the music is sure to get your body moving while enjoying the show.



Afropop by

Cédric Agbo

Cédric is a Togolese American born in New York city performing a combination of poplocking breakdancing and afrostyle moves.
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Bachata Shines

Denver Touch - a branch of Island Touch Shines

Since its inception in 2008, the Island Touch dance company has been on a mission to touch people's lives through dance and offer them an opportunity to be part of a global dance family. Bachata Shines is a master peace of Jorge Burgos AKA Ataca mainly focused on footwork and synchronized individual movements. Its all about self expression and precise musicality.

Fashion Show by

Rosma Designs

An homage to African cultural influences by way of colorful fashion and self expression.

African Fashion Show

Rueda de Casino by

Z.R Dance team

Rueda de Casino is a synchronized dance choreographed in a circle formation. Dancers display excitement and enthusiasm while executing rhythmic and harmonious movement as a group. Rueda de Casino takes its roots from from Cuban Salsa but also encompasses other popular Cuban dances.


Argentine Tango by

Ricardo & Gabriela

Argentine Tango was developed in the late 1800s as a result of a fusion of African & European immigrant cultures.  Gabriela Carone. Ph.D., from Buenos Aires, teacher, lecturer, researcher, and tango historian has performed and taught Argentine Tango world-wide. Ricardo Visintini Newton is a 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional Argentine Tango Senior champion. They will perform the traditional style of Argentine Tango seen in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.



Modern African Dance by

Melanin Queens

A dynamic  group of vibrant young ladies performing the latest and most popular moves on the Afrobeat music scene.



Our Hosts and MCs

Tom & Briony

We’re delighted to have Briony gracing the stage for us again this year. Briony, a Jamaican native is a realtor, dancer, foodie and all around social butterfly. She is well known among various African communities and is always enthusiastic about sharing here passion for African culture, food, dances and fashion.

Tom A.K.A "El RastaSalsa" is an energetic Salsa and Bachata Instructor. As a talented musician with Nigerian origins, Tom has been deeply immersed in music and dance for over 20 years. Tom brings a vibrant energy wherever he goes, and his positive vibes are infectious to all those around him. His goal is to make sure everyone walks away with a genuine smile on their face.





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