Écho D’Afrique is a dance and music showcase that highlights African influences on today’s popular culture. Écho D’Afrique is a celebration – Denver’s very own Afro festival. The goal is to forge a bridge connecting the African diaspora to its roots while providing a platform for people of all origins and walks of life to come together and experience the African vibe.

Écho D’Afrique 2020 Performers Lineup

Jad Fozis in Denver USA

The Game of Capoeira

Capoeira Angola Palmares

Capoeira is an expression of African-Brazilian culture that combines martial arts, acrobatics, and rhythmic movement. It was outlawed in Brazil until 1936 when the government officially recognized the art form.

Capoeira was used by the Africans slaves of Brazil as a form of resistance against the mental and physical oppression. Today Capoeira is practiced worldwide and is experiencing a resurgence.

You'll witness The Game of Capoeira accompanied by the berimbau, a fascinating musical instrument commonly used in Brazil with origins traced back to sub-saharan Africa.

Afropop & Hip-hop

African Queens

This group of three talented young African ladies started their dance journey together in high school.

African Queens will perform an electrifying routine showcasing the latest trends in Afropop and hip-hop in honor of all African Queens across the globe.

Our Hosts and MCs

Tom & Briony

We’re delighted to have Briony gracing the stage for us again this year. Briony, a Jamaican native is a realtor, dancer, foodie and all around social butterfly. She is well known among various African communities and is always enthusiastic about sharing here passion for African culture, food, dances and fashion.

Tom A.K.A "El RastaSalsa" is an energetic Salsa and Bachata Instructor. As a talented musician with Nigerian origins, Tom has been deeply immersed in music and dance for over 20 years. Tom brings a vibrant energy wherever he goes, and his positive vibes are infectious to all those around him. His goal is to make sure everyone walks away with a genuine smile on their face.




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